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We restore the "Community" aspect in insurance through research, innovation and superior product design.

OUR MISSION IS OUR CONSTITUTION. It is a solid expression of our vision and how we measure our impact on our customers and the industry.

Overall Mission

Besurance Corporation built its platforms with the intention to collaborate at all levels of community

(1) engage directly with members of the public (direct community outreach to fit their needs),
(2) empower leaders of existing communities to help them strengthen their members’ bonds,
(3) connect and align our services with tech providers, insurers and reinsurers to innovate.

Bringing Community back into Insurance

Our primary goal is to bring community back into insurance. We do this by empowering communities to better understand, to improve access to, and to enable better design of product offerings (products for all members of society whichever community they reside)


We are passionate, driven and committed to improving, enhancing and expanding the user experience with a monomaniacal focus on helping as many people as possible, achieve piece of mind.

Our business platforms are focused on 3 major components of the value chain (distribution, underwriting and operations) to improve the customer experience:

  1. besure: true customer engagement through a community platform rather than traditional face-to-face distribution – to empower individuals within their community to interact with the concept of risk sharing in much the same way that the original friendly societies discovered the benefit of pooling resources to deal with the un-expected.
  2. be well lifestyle: redesign underwriting to be a value-add service for the consumer based on a shared social experience – replace the black box with a construct that is intuitive and personally helpful. 
  3. Besurance Agency: deliver best-of-breed operation systems to facilitate ease and speed of product development and launch-readiness with any insurer to improve their adaptability, flexibility and speed to market.

We have developed foundational system platforms that underpin our business goals. These platforms can function on their own or in combination to deliver the desired customer experience and products.



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